Our History

Kelly Weaver and Dorie Hoevel

ALCA was founded in 2004 by Dorie Hoevel and Kelly Weaver at a kitchen table over Chinese food. Best friends and both mothers of a child diagnosed with autism, they agreed their children needed more individualized support than what was available. With no formal background in the field of education and fueled by passion and perseverance, these two dedicated mothers set out to establish a school specifically designed to meet the needs of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  Together, they created a place where children with autism reach their full individual potential, in a caring and safe environment. 

Our Vision

helping children with autism and those that love them to THRIVE!

The goal of ALCA is to teach our students the skills necessary to achieve functional independence. We provide an environment where children on the autism spectrum can develop their potential academically, emotionally, socially, communicatively, and physically. It is our belief that addressing these characteristics through a child-centered team approach following a therapeutic, holistic, interdisciplinary model – with emphasis on generalization of skills to home and the community – provides the best practice for success.

Core Values

  • To empower children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to participate fully in all aspects of life.

  • To respect each child’s unique personality and traits.

  • To maintain the highest level of safety, dignity, honesty and excellence in all interactions with the children, their families, staff and community.

  • To promote reciprocal relationships within the community.

  • To celebrate each and every achievement of the child.

Our Mission

Our school is growing to meet the current individualized needs of each of our students. We are also helping them to develop life skills and vocational opportunities for their adult life experiences. We intend to grow along with our students and are planning for our future and theirs. Our vision is to create relationships and strong partnerships that provide job training and help to secure employment, residential assistance and/or on-site housing, and sustainable business endeavors to keep our school and adult programs thriving in perpetuity.